Prof. Steyn Heckroodt

Prof. Steyn Heckroodt

An international thought-leader in the fields of Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Coaching and People Development; Prof Steyn Heckroodt brings a wealth of experience and expertise when interacting with organisational leaders globally. Not only does he engage with internationally renowned Business Schools and Professional Development Institutions in these fields, he also practices as a consultant and leads his own successful company as the CEO.

His approach and methodology are best known for the focus he places on developing individual greatness, leading people to exceed as team players and to become organisational innovators. His passion is driven by his ability to inspire leaders to think differently about the challenges of the 21st Century and learn through self-reflection and engagement with others. As HBR Author of the Platform for Connected Leadership Framework™®, he challenges leaders to act in an empowered manner with increased confidence in decision making as well as a higher level of responsibility and accountability.

Dealing with the impact of evolving Industrial Revolutions and the Internet of Things, he guides organisations in taking strategic decisions that considers the fusion of people and technology in the world of work. Along with that, he assists organisations in dealing with the change impact of the Industrial Revolutions and enables leaders to take a more long-term view of their future plans with a focused sensitivity on environmental sustainability and next generation employment challenges.

Firmly believing in continuous lifelong learning he has published in the fields of Strategic Thinking, Leadership and Operations, for amongst others Oxford University Press and Harvard Business Review.

Harvard Business School Publishing Moderator, HBR Author, President of a UAE University, Creator of the Platform for Connected Leadership Framework™®

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